28 Sep

Photo by just.Luc/Flickr

Since Dave and I got married we both agreed that although babies are awesome, we wouldn’t have kids immediately. Fortunately, we have a handful of friends with adorable babies we can admire, and I have been able to serve in the Primary at church for the past year or so. For the most part, our baby hunger has been appeased. For the past month, however, I have entered a dangerous phase: nesting.

The problem is, I am still job hunting (talented writer/editor/designer for hire! inquire within!). So except for the occasional errand, I am home all day. It started out seemingly harmlessly–in between working on job applications, I would check out a few design blogs to get ideas for decorating our new apartment. Perfectly understandable, right? Most people want to find some way to decorate their new digs, right? But then I discovered Young House Love. Two young people falling in love with their first house? Which they have redecorated and renovated in the most fabulous, inspiring manner? Oh, and they have an adorable baby? Yes, I’d like some of that.

And so it began. And in the past few weeks, I have fantasized about the following things:

  • painting the entire apartment (I’d like to paint the moulding a crisp white and the walls a soft brown tone)
  • liquid-starching fabric to the walls (if painting doesn’t work out)
  • fashioning some nifty DIY curtains (something like these perhaps, or with a fabric like this)
  • painting the living room furniture purple (I’m thinking a dark plum)
  • constructing a sideboard table for the living room (we need storage!)
  • scrubbing the hallway wood flooring (we live in a house that’s at least 100 years old, and it needs some love)
  • painting the fireplace in the bedroom (it has an odd combination of teal tiling, black-and-red paint, rusty brown metal, and a white mantel)
  • buying a classy couch that doesn’t require an obnoxious, temperamental slipcover
  • buying or DIYing a rug for the living room
  • using moulding to make some floating bookshelves
  • repurposing a few knit sweaters into a pillowcase
  • trying my hand at a DIY version of this pillow and this lamp

And those are just the ideas I have for the home decorating department. I have also become interested in sewing and quilting (this does not mean I have tackled such projects yet…I’ll blog about it when I do!). And occasionally I feel the urge to bake, but that’s fairly characteristic. Most telling of all, I have even read a few mommy blogs. Gasp! Well, for the most part those were just blogs that I stumbled upon in my search for fun home decorating blogs. I did find some neat blogs in the process though–blogs that are genuinely enlightening (see Segullah) and useful (see Frugal Girl).

Frankly, I blame Young House Love. I also blame my friend Elisse for having a truly angelic little daughter–she is the sort of baby who is so pleasant and adorable that she makes any reason not to have children simply fade away. We spent the past weekend with Elisse and her darling little family, an adventure I blogged about here.

In the meantime, I have purchased a lovely non-refundable, non-maternity bridesmaid dress for Katie’s wedding in June. Since I can’t have a baby between now and then, I sure hope I get a job to keep me busy.


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