The ’90s kid equivalent of Facebook

1 Jun

On a visit home recently I sorted through boxes upon boxes of old, sentimental clutter, and found this:


They’re called friendship cards, kids. You could pick up a pack at the Hello Kitty store at the mall, fill them out with the details of your likes and dislikes, add a sticker or two, and trade them with your friends.

For example, in the card that I saved, I had revealed the following personal information:

Food I like: cheez-its

Food I hate: spinach

Color I like: magenta

Color I hate: baby poop brown

Famous people I like: Douglas Adams, Jesse Bradford

Things I collect: rulers, socks, stuff

My future dreams: be an interior decorator

It’s a wonderful reminder of what a silly adolescent I once was (as I often wonder, how did I have friends??) and of a simpler time. No newsfeed to troll through, just delightfully analog pieces of paper. They were a fleeting fad, but they sure were fun.

Anyone else remember these (or have some around)?


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