Five Minute Friday: Finish

26 Jul

It’s a bit ironic that a start–my first attempt at partaking in Five Minute Friday–coincides with the prompt of “finish”. I’ve been admiring Lisa-Jo’s blog and the FMF posts from afar from awhile now, but when I read today’s post I knew I had to just dive in and do it. I totally connected with Lisa-Jo’s commentary on how it’s not as hard to start something as it is to stick with it . That’s how I’ve felt at times about this blog–I have found it to be an excellent outlet for the thoughts cluttering up my head, but sometimes I worry that it’s a little too aimless, and should I really be spending time on it? But I feel like I do need to stick with it. I recall another post from another fave blog, Young House Love–in their words, the middle makes no sense. But you have to keep plugging along until you make more sense of things.

In a completely different vein of thinking on the idea of “finish”, tomorrow my vacation with my family will be coming to a close. I watched the Disneyland fireworks from the hotel window for the last time tonight, and tomorrow morning we’ll be flying out and returning home to Daddy, some semblance of a nap schedule, and meals that don’t involve french fries. It’s been so magical (of course) being here with family, but it will be good to be home.

Also, a confession: I may have taken a few more minutes than five (really, only a few). Not a very auspicious start to Five Minute Friday, I know. BUT I feel it is entirely merited because a few minutes in I had to comfort baby back to sleep. I think that is worth something. And now, I shall finish this post and this day and rest for a long plane ride tomorrow.


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