Dumpster diving

20 Aug

Taking out the recycling is a chore I procrastinate doing. OK, taking out the recycling is one of many chores I procrastinate doing. But seriously, it is such an ordeal to schlepp an avalanche of Amazon boxes and several bulging Trader Joe’s bags, all with a baby strapped to my chest.

But this week, the effort was worth it. One of our neighbors had dropped off a kid-sized Spiderman four-wheeler. (I initially called it a car, but both my dad and husband were adamant that it is properly a quad or a four-wheeler.) It was in good condition, and it was just sitting there awaiting its landfill destiny, and I thought, what the heck? So I brought it back to our apartment, gave it a quick Lysol wipedown, and introduced Lars to his new and fabulously free toy:


And here it is in action (forgive my blurry, vertical-orientation video; I’m a novice iPhone videographer):

It’s perfect for this just-learning-to-stand-and-walk-on-his-own boy. (Also, THAT SMILE.) I just may be a new fan of dumpster diving.

Have you found treasure in someone else’s trash? Anyone else furnish their home in “early American garage sale” style, as my family puts it?

One Response to “Dumpster diving”

  1. Karen August 21, 2014 at 12:27 pm #

    It is perfect. How exciting!

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