Off-topic but awesome

7 Oct

I know, I’m delivering yet another I.O.U. post in the 31 Days of Girl Power department. Just working on an article that I’m submitting for legit publication that necessarily detracts from blogging time. Theories about Harry Potter and feminism do not write themselves, people.

But. I do have something fun to share: You can go visit Leah’s blog The Ordinary Snowflake and read my guest post there, “A retrospective of one girl’s questionable taste in music.” You may recall Leah guest-posted on my blog on why writing is awesome. I think her writing is awesome, and totally dig reading her blog. You should go visit it right now, and make sure to share in the comments your favorite angsty teenage music.



2 Responses to “Off-topic but awesome”

  1. Karen October 8, 2014 at 4:31 pm #

    IOU blogs are fine also. The saying varies in the percentage, but: “half of life/job is just showing up.” You are showing up.


  1. 31 days of GIRL POWER | spifftacular. - October 9, 2014

    […] Day 7: Off-topic but awesome […]

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