Don’t worry, it’s pesticide-free

28 Sep

I wonder if it’s bad luck to begin a blog with a whine. The thing is, one of the primary purposes of blogging is to facilitate ranting, which is really just glorified whining, so I figure I’m OK. My whine/rant topic is: all the cool blog names are taken. My first idea was to start a blog called OCDelightful, in which I would extol the virtues of an OCD life. Unfortunately, that name is taken on WordPress and Blogspot. Even more unfortunately, said blogs are a total waste of cyberspace: one has zero posts and the other has only a few. Moving on. My second idea was to use the name Hollywould but apparently some other blogger finds this wordplay on my name just as amusing as I do. Alas. So here we are with Spifftacular. Not bad, really.

I have been meaning to start a blog for awhile now. Many times I have thought, “Hm. That would make a great blog post,” but never got around to blogging. Now, I am not new to blogging. Among other things, I worked on some blogs for Deseret Book during a marketing internship (I actually created a blog about blogging for authors) and I contributed to this blog for BYU’s Daily Universe. But enough about me.

Expect this blog to be perfectly incoherent. I am hesitant to dedicate this blog to this or that and to be all theme-y about it; I would much prefer to let it grow organically (in the spontaneous, go-with-the-flow sort of way, not the pesticide-free sort of way, although I suppose this is, in fact, a pesticide-free blog). Cheers!


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