6 Oct

I am posting this out of duty–it won’t be a terribly interesting post. Or will it?

The thing is, I am bursting with ideas and drafts for this series, but I don’t have the time every single day to develop them as much as they deserve to be developed. I demand quality, which of course is at odds with quantity. Some days, I push through and write my heart out till 1 a.m. with no regrets, but I can’t do that every day. Hence, posts like this.

I do love the challenge of trying to write something every day. Already, it has pushed me to explore ideas I wouldn’t have pursued otherwise.

But the interesting thing? Those posts that I’m not publishing on the blog because they’re not ready yet–I have big plans for them. I’m working through a couple of them, and plan to pitch them for publication. All, of course, TBD. Pending…


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